Ever wonder how big your house really is? The square foot (SF) measurements of your house can be very important in determining the market value of your property, the taxes you pay each year, and the amount of insurance coverage you carry. When an appraiser measures the OUTSIDE of your house, improvements such as decks…(Read More)

Why Hire a REALTOR?


Why should I hire a REALTOR to sell my house? You may be┬áthinking . . . “A friend of mine sold their house without an agent, and they got top dollar for it, and did not have to pay a sales commission to an agent. I should be able to do the same.” Much of…(Read More)

One of the most challenging but critically important tasks you have as a future home seller is determining the ask (listing) price for your home. When pricing your home to sell, you must understand that even though you can set any price you want for your home, it’s the market that determines the value…(Read More)

Is new construction coming out of the deep freeze in Habersham County? “Spec” home building almost completely dried up during the recent housing recession. Many local builders either went out of business and/or lost their partly-constructed houses in foreclosure, or they survived by working on existing-home remodeling projects. Custom home building continued…(Read More)