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Recently I attended a meeting at our State Capitol sponsored by the Georgia Association of REALTORS (GAR) where other fellow REALTORS and I were updated on recently proposed legislation, some of which had squarely in its sights the chipping away at private property rights in the state of Georgia. I was amazed at the amount…(Read More)

Like a healthy plant that grows new shoots after being pruned back, the south end of Clarkesville is showing signs of vibrancy, while the downtown square is still recovering from the recent fire that damaged several buildings and closed businesses and restaurants. The addition of Yakimono Express Habachi/Sushi Restaurant has drawn more attention to…(Read More)

An overnight fire in Clarkesville completely destroyed the Sweetbreads restaurant building and heavily damaged parts of several businesses that line the eastern facade of the signature square for the city. The exact source and cause of the fire has not yet been announced yet, but it appears to have originated within Sweetbreads and quickly spread…(Read More)

Clarkesville is becoming known as a great little place to eat out in northeast Georgia. The vibrant downtown area of Clarkesville Georgia attracts visitors from nearby counties who want an escape from the routine to enjoy the selection of eclectic restaurants near and around the square. Two “COMING SOON” signs recently appeared within the city…(Read More)