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Is new construction coming out of the deep freeze in Habersham County? “Spec” home building almost completely dried up during the recent housing recession. Many local builders either went out of business and/or lost their partly-constructed houses in foreclosure, or they survived by working on existing-home remodeling projects. Custom home building continued…(Read More)

The town of Clarkesville has many homes built in the 1960s and 1970s (Mid-century Modern) that will most likely need renovating and/or remodeling when purchased in the future. Although some of the in-town re-sales we saw in the last couple of years had some updates¬†prior to going on the market…(Read More)

For most people, the¬† term “drone” conjures up images of high-tech unmanned military aircraft on surgical strike missions against forces that are hostile to our own national interests. However, did you know you can buy your own private drone, or what is referred to as a UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System), capable of flying around…(Read More)