Pre-qualification – Your Shortcut to a Home Purchase


Getting pre-qualified for a mortgage . . . it can sound a little bit like a reality show contest where you stand in front of an expert with other “lucky” contestants and get judged, right?

WRONG! It’s not that way at all!

If you are serious about buying a home, then take my advice and get yourself pre-qualified with a lender before ever starting your home search!

Why? Nothing so easy could be so important, get you through more doors (house showings, that is!), and prepare you more for your home search than taking a few minutes to answer a few questions with a mortgage professional. Getting pre-qualified for a mortgage is as easy as “pie” (as my mom used to say).

Pre-qualification takes about 10 minutes and you can do it over the phone with your mortgage professional. You will be asked a few questions about your employment, income, credit, savings, debt, and present housing.

That’s all a mortgage professional needs to make a preliminary determination about what price home you can afford, what type of loan you qualify for, how much money you will have to put down, and what your monthly payments will be in the future.  Getting pre-qualified makes it so easy to know which homes you should be looking at to purchase, and how quickly you could be moving in once you find the one you like!

Having this information in advance also makes it easier for your REALTOR to show you homes that you can afford and that best suit your budget and lifestyle. When you find the home you want and are ready to make an offer, a pre-qualification letter from your lender gives you extra negotiating power and makes your offer more appealing to a home seller.

Prequalification can be the secret to getting a seller’s attention and getting you into your own house as soon as possible!

Not sure who to contact to get pre-qualified? You can start now by contacting a local lender in our professional network who will be happy to serve you! Click on the “Get Pre-qualified Now!” button below, fill out the fields, and a local mortgage professional will contact you very soon!

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