Why Hire a REALTOR?


Why should I hire a REALTOR to sell my house?

You may be thinking . . . “A friend of mine sold their house without an agent, and they got top dollar for it, and did not have to pay a sales commission to an agent. I should be able to do the same.”

Much of my life, I’ve been a DIY (Do It Yourself) guy. Many of the things I self-taught myself how to do were successful – and then many were not.

I’ve re-wired a house. (The house has not yet burned down.) Attempted to learn to play a saxophone. (It is now resting peacefully in its case in the closet.)  Rebuilt an old motorcycle. (Once for every time I wrecked it.)  Attended an AmWay meeting to start my own business. (Fastest way to make friends!).  And briefly put on a pair of roller blades. (I landed on my head but I’m okay!… wink-wink).

There’s a HOW TO book on everything. One of the most extensive and successful series of HOW TO books is the “For Dummies” books. (The title of the book should be your first clue!) Just because you can learn how to do just about anything, given the time, money, and energy, does not mean it is the BEST USE of your time, money and energy.

Fortunately, my “doing it myself” did not have such disastrous consequences that I could not come back from them. However, knowing then what I know now, I would have approached each of those DIY situations with the wisdom and experience of weighing the potential problems and challenges of doing it myself against hiring a professional to do it for me.

The sale of your home is no different. Since real estate is for most people one of the largest investments they have, preparing to sell that large investment requires the knowledge, expertise, attention to detail, and experience to make the process as smooth as possible with as few surprises along the way, and with an expectation level that is consistent what is actually happening in the market.

Most people choose their agent based on a friend or family member’s recommendation. “My friend had a good experience with him/her selling their house, so that’s good enough for me,” OR “I don’t have time to research agents, don’t know the questions to ask, so just handle it for me.” You hand over one of your most important transactions to someone you don’t even know, have no idea of what they are about to do, and you just trust that things are going to work out for you.

Does that sound like what you want to have happen? If not, then make sure you are asking relevant questions before engaging the services of an agent.

Does your agent rely on their brand name to do the “heavy lifting” for their marketing, or do they have a system for evaluating, marketing, coordinating, and closing your property that gives you the best chances for a quick sale at the highest price?

What are their customer service skills? Are they punctual and truthful with you, and do they follow through on their commitments to you? Are they open and honest in conversation with you, giving you both the pros and cons in every situation? Do they call you back when they say they would?

Be sure to conduct an online search of the agent (“Google” them!) to find out more about them including what previous clients say about them through personal testimonials and online ratings.

Finally, make sure that they are a member of the National Association of REALTORS (NAR), which requires their members (REALTORS) to adhere to high ethical standards in dealing with clients & customers, the public, and with other REALTORS.

So before hiring your next agent, sit down with them and have an honest conversation about what processes and techniques that they are going to use to get your home sold at the best price and in the least amount of time. After all, isn’t that the reason you hire a real estate agent in the first place?

Dale Holmes is an Owner and Broker of Headwaters Realty in Clarkesville Georgia. You can read online reviews of Dale by visiting www.movingtohabersham.com.