How Big is My House?

Ever wonder about how big your house really is? How many square feet (SF) of living space is in your house, and how does it compare to other homes in your own neighborhood? You may have seen a SF number on a county tax card. You should also see it on the appraisal that the bank had to complete to finance your house. Your insurance agent either pulled a square

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Home in subdivision with nice lawn and blue skies

First Time Home Sellers

Most everything you read about today about real estate is geared toward first-time home buyers. Articles about first-time home buyers are sucking all the oxygen out of the room. But what about first-time home sellers? They need to feel some of the love, too! Remember the excitement you felt when you bought your first home? It was a major achievement in life for so many of us! But not unlike

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What's my Home Worth?

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