Arts and Music

Clarkesville is much like so many of our small towns in northeast Georgia that are frosted with scenic charm that draws artists, writers, musicians, travelers, retirees, and families in search of “the good life.” Here, you’ll find a wealth of local artists and craftspeople who share their talents with the general public through intriguing galleries and shops. Our northeast Georgia pottery tradition goes back generations and is known throughout the world, as is our thriving bluegrass and mountain music scene.

Georgia’s Wine Country

Clarkesville is “right down the road” from Georgia’s wine country. Enjoy a day of tastings at our many local wineries, taking one scenic road after another as you continue your tour. Wine made from locally grown muscadines is a local delicacy – make sure you sample it!”

Outdoor Adventures

We take full advantage of our precious outdoor resources with ample opportunities for hiking, biking, river fishing, horseback riding, camping, hunting, and more. And of course, with our temperate climate, you’ll love our year-long festival season!


For a real step back in time, you’ll love to stroll through the old neighborhoods with many Antebellum homes that still stand today, as northeast Georgia was mostly spared from the destruction of the Civil War. Prehistoric Native American ruins also dot our area, and the legends and folklore of the mountains still captivate audiences young and old.