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Dale Holmes

Dale Holmes is a founder and co-owner of Headwaters Realty and currently serves as the broker for the agency.

Dale grew up on a farm and in a farm-related business in Sandersville, GA during the 1960s & 1970s. Dale attended college at Mercer University in Macon GA and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Georgia State University in Atlanta in 1986.

After a 15-year career with a large company in Atlanta, Dale packed his bags and moved to the beautiful foothills of Clarkesville, Georgia to begin a new career in real estate in 2002.

“I moved to Clarkesville because of its natural beauty and simpler lifestyle,” says Dale. “It’s a great place to live and raise a family and to enjoy the natural scenic surroundings every day of your life.”

Dale is married to Jeanmarie Holmes who is a full-time certified real estate appraiser with the company they own together known as Land and More Appraisals.

My Customer Service Philosophy

First and foremost, my customers are my neighbors.  I value my neighbors.  Neighbors are part of the fabric of my community.

When you list or buy through me, I am helping out a neighbor.  A good neighbor is someone who shows respect for your individual needs, your family, and your property.

Neighbors are there when you need them.  I am always there to help regardless of the circumstances.

Secondly, I am solution-oriented.  I enjoy the challenge of working through the details of a contract, including the negotiating and problem-solving that is always needed to close on the property.  I strive to bring a sense of “calm” to the transaction, a steady hand and low-key negotiating style without drama or ego.

Third, I am positive and upbeat about every transaction while also being realistic about the chances for success.  Whether I am working on behalf of a buyer or a seller, I start out by visualizing a path to success for the transaction from start to finish.  I am always looking ahead for any potential “bombs” that can go off during a transaction and I take pre-emptive or corrective action early on to avoid the “emotional roller-coaster” that can occur with Buyers and Sellers during a transaction.

Lastly,  I believe that at successful real estate transaction depends upon forming relationships built upon mutual respect, which includes respect for other people’s time, opinions, goals,  etc.  Every transaction, no matter how large or small, involves real live people with their individual wants, needs, and fears that should never be discounted or ignored. The Buyer, the Seller, the agents, the lender, the contractors, the inspectors, the appraiser, the closing attorney . . . all parties have a critical role and they should be honored and respected for their professionalism and contribution to the goals of the transaction.

As a client of mine, I will never run you through a system that limits any individual contact with me. The buck stops with me. When you have a question or need something, you talk to me. I won’t direct you to speak members of my “team” or ask you to conform to a business model that does not recognize your individual needs for direct interaction with me as your real estate agent. You will have my personal cell number and you can call me anytime. Real estate agents are well compensated for their work and I will never lose sight of that throughout a transaction.

Long after a sale, you can call on me for help or advice with real estate issues and I will work to get you the resources you need to resolve your home ownership problems. Our professional relationship continues in to the future well beyond the closing table.  I am always happy to share my experiences and knowledge with others to help them live a better life here in northeast Georgia.



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