What’s to be done about the seemingly repetitive flooding of Pitts Park in Clarkesville?

Occasional flooding is not unexpected since the Park was built in a flood plain as is the case in general with many recreational properties. The problem is the more recent recurring flooding and subsequent cost and manpower required to clean the park up after it floods to make it usable again by local citizens.

When the Soque River leaves its banks, it brings tons of sand and silt into the park grounds. The sand and silt make it difficult for many visitors to walk and enjoy the paths and playground equipment.

After a flood event, it may be weeks before the city can complete the cleanup process needed to make the park enjoyable again. Several significant rain events over the past couple of years causing the Soque River to flood has brought the issue into sharper focus as the city seeks a long-term solution to the repetitive clean-up efforts.

Recently Keith Dickerson, Clarkesville City Manager, commented on the flooding problem plaguing Pitts Park and the need for thinking outside the box when determining the best approach to solving the problem. (See video)

Pitts Park is a great asset to the city of Clarkesville but there are no easy solutions to make the park grounds flood proof. We appreciate the City recognizing the importance of the park to the character of Clarkesville and welcome the City’s efforts to find a way to alleviate the extra cost and extended “downtime” after the park floods.