Want to get physically fit and stay that way? Almost daily someone in the world invents a new way to get fit. Everyone wants to be fit, but very few commit to the goal of achieving fitness and maintain it for a lifetime.

Let’s don’t sugarcoat it. Fitness takes work.

How often do you see gyms, health clubs & supposed “fitness centers” come and go through the years? Why do you think they fail? Likely, it is the lack of commitment on the part of the customers as well as the owners.  

Up until a few years ago, I was a regular “runner” (3-4 times per week) and I ran through some rudimentary weight exercises weekly, which I thought made me a healthy person. But I did not have any real goals with fitness, and I relied on fitness training concepts that were prevalent during my high school years (folks, that would be the 1970s!)

Richard Windham and I first met over a real estate transaction in Clarkesville. I asked Richard about his business, who his clients were, and his philosophy about fitness. When I learned that many of Richard’s customers are over the age of fifty, that got my attention.

What is Richard’s formula for success, and the success of his long-term clients? Primarily, it’s his passion to help people continue to feel good, look good and perform well physically late into their lives.

I’ve learned from Richard that personal fitness doesn’t have to include the sounds of clanging steel, profuse sweating, grunting in pain, or frequently nursing injuries from over working your muscles like many people have experienced at a traditional gym or fitness club. Richard’s Fitness custom tailors the exercise regimen to fit you as an individual based upon your age group and your fitness goals. You are also given a diet plan in which you can receive daily feedback on your progress with losing those unwanted pounds.

Every appointment is a one-on-one experience with a trainer that moves at your pace and in your own private exercise room. After going through a series of muscle, flexibility and endurance exercises based upon the length of your session, you get to enjoy the reward of a “cool-down” sports massage to get you ready to take on the rest of your day.

If you are ready to change your body now and for a lifetime, Richard’s Fitness is ready and waiting to hear from you! To schedule a consult, call Richard directly at 706-499-7532 or email Richard at richardswellness@gmail.com. You can also visit Richard’s Fitness Facebook page to see a few of his client’s results.

Me and Richard Windham after a Session