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First Time Home Sellers

Most everything you read about today about real estate is geared toward first-time home buyers. Articles about first-time home buyers are sucking all the oxygen out of the room. But what about first-time home sellers? They need to feel some of the love, too! Remember the excitement you felt when you bought your first home? It was a major achievement in life for so many of us! But not unlike

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Five Misconceptions about Buyer Representation

In a previous post Buyer Representation or Buyer Beware: Your Choice, we learned about the importance of buyer representation (a.k.a. Buyer Agency, Buyer Brokerage) and the differences between the levels of service you can expect depending on whether you are a “customer” or “client” of the agent. Clearly, every buyer would want to have a client relationship with their agent since by definition they could expect a higher level of

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Buyer Representation or Buyer Beware: Your Choice

Many times I see home buyers going directly to listing agents to make offers on homes rather than using buyer’s agents to help them with the purchase.  In trying to analyze why this happens, I believe that most buyers don’t really understand buyer representation and the difference it can make in a real estate transaction. Buyer’s representation (a.k.a. buyer agency, buyer brokerage) requires that you as the buyer enter into

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What's my Home Worth?

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